Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Palliative Care

Dr Natasha Wiggins

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Learning Objectives

  • 1To improve confidence in managing symptoms at the end of life

  • 2To discuss the new end of life RESPECT forms being introduced across BSW

Wednesday 29th September 2021


Dr Ramesh Sivasubramanyam

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Learning Objectives

  • 1Refresh knowledge of the pharmacological management of Depression

  • 2Learn about when to refer patients with Depression to secondary care

  • 3 Learn about the different types of Anxiety Disorders

  • 4Become familiar with the management of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • 5Learn how to carry out a suicide risk assessment

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Thinking about partnership?

Christine Sharkey, BMA

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Learning Objectives

  • 1To learn more about partnership roles, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities

  • 2To find out how different is it from being an employed Dr

  • 3To improve awareness of policies and procedures around employing staff

  • 4To find out some top tips and dos and don'ts

  • 5To learn how to protect yourself from an employment tribunal

Wednesday 13th October 2021


David Reynolds

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Learning Objectives

  • 1To provide a deeper understanding and empathy of people with autism

  • 2To discuss diagnostic and referral criteria

  • 3To improve understanding of social and emotional issues associated with autism

  • 4To provide an opportunity for general discussion and questions

Wednesday 20th October 2021

Child Safeguarding

Michelle Sharma

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Learning Objectives

  • 1Updates to training requirements and to increase awareness of sources of safeguarding training

  • 2To learn from recent safeguarding children reviews and the implications for primary care

  • 3To improve confidence in how and when to make a referral to the child safeguarding team

  • 4To learn more about the child safeguarding journey

Wednesday 10th November 2021


Multiple speakers across different specialities

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Learning Objectives

  • 1Refresh knowledge about presentations of different cancers

  • 2Learn about local two week wait pathways

  • 3Update knowledge about monitoring of patients who have had cancer

Wednesday 15th December 2021

Obstetrics for GP’s

Dr Alexandra van der Meer

Dr Charlotte Sullivan

Miss Lalrinawmi

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Learning Objectives

  • 1To update knowledge about bleeding, abdominal pain and common problems in early pregnancy

  • 2 To refresh knowledge of common problems of pregnancy

  • 3To learn about diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy